About HT

Church of the Holy Trinity 2009Holy Trinity is a unique church whose community is characterized by informality, where both traditional and contemporary worship are available. It is a church of inclusivity, both in language and comprehensive lay participation.

We are a community of artists, activists, theologians, cooks, writers, students, queer and straight, lay people and clerics. We are part of the Diocese of Toronto in Anglican Church of Canada and celebrate its tradition. At the same time we are unafraid to challenge what we believe to be wrong.

We are involved in and develop work in many areas from music to homelessness, lunch to refugees. Caring is given and received in an atmosphere which links traditional faith to today’s issues.

At the 10:30am Sunday service, people gather around the altar where concerns, joys and sorrows are spoken and the eucharist is shared around the circle.

At 2:00pm on Sundays there is a Spanish language service which is the weekly gathering of San Esteban, a worship community who joined with us in 2007.

For more detailed information, you may be interested in our 2007 parish profile.

loving justice in the heart of the city