Trinity Square Café

Trinity Square Cafe has been a long-standing tenant here at Holy Trinity. Here’s a summary of their work from their website:

Trinity Square Café has been operating since 1981 as a small business. We assist adults who are living with mental illness by providing a welcoming community workplace where participants can engage in meaningful work and employability skills development.

We call people in our program “participants” instead of “clients” or other terms. Participants are people who come to the program to work on their mental health recovery. Community, work and respect are the cornerstones of mental health recovery at Trinity Square Café.

We are a vocational/educational community mental health program and do not engage in clinical or therapeutic work. Staff and participants work together to run the café business and create a sense of community. We offer a place for people to maintain employment skills and work on recovery in a supportive environment.

Trinity Square Café is committed to reflecting the diversity of all of the many communities in Toronto. Everyone is welcome in our program.



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