Music and Arts

Holy Trinity is striving to build a strong artistic presence in the heart of the city.

Music at Holy Trinity, especially singing, is appreciated for its power to move people and express the divine: we see this as a nourishing and liberating gift and believe everyone’s voice deserves to be heard.

In our worship, our music director, John Terauds encourages musical contributions from many members of the congregation. We are blessed with gifted musicians — professional and amateur — who regularly offer their musical skills as part of our community’s life.

The church welcomes artists from all disciplines to use our space. We count textile artists, poets, and dancers among our members. In addition, fine examples of carving, stained glass, and painting from 1847 to the present can be seen in the walls, doors, and windows of the church itself.

Acoustics and instruments

Holy Trinity boasts a magnificent acoustical space and two fine concert instruments (piano and organ) which have attracted many professional and community music groups to use our space.

Because the church does not use fixed pews, the performance as well as seating space can be configured for a wide variety of needs and numbers of people.

Holy Trinity’s piano is a refurbished century-old Bechstein model E concert grand with a warm sound and light action.

The church’s pipe organ is a magnificent three-manual German-style Casavant tracker instrument built in 1970 for Deer Park United Church. More information about this organ can be found at the Casavant website.

Opportunities to sing

There is a practice at 10 a.m. every Sunday for anyone interested in learning the music for that morning’s service. There are additional practices for seasonal singing in Advent and Lent. You don’t have to know how to read music in order to participate.

There are other opportunities to sing in a spiritual context, including Soup & Song events, held once a month, as well as at Oasis services, held on the last Friday of every month (except at Christmas and over the summer).

Music Mondays

This weekly, summer noon-hour concert series features a diverse range of musical genres and offers a musical respite to all people regardless of economic situation.

Go to the Music Mondays web site.

the christmas story

The Christmas Story

This dramatisation of the nativity story has been performed every December since 1937.

Go to The Christmas Story web page.

Echo Women’s Choir

ECHO is a non-auditioned, community women’s choir that is open to any woman who can make the commitment to come to rehearsals.

Go to the Echo Women’s Choir web site.

Textile Art

Holy Trinity has a collection of beautiful fabic art used in liturgy as decoration for the altar. Many of the pieces have been made by Fran Sowton, an artist and member of the community.

Occasional art exhibits

Exhibits displayed in the nave and cafe have included: paintings by participants in the Centre for Creative Opportunity; painting photography, banners by parishioners and local artists; and a “Passionate Holiness” an exhibit of contemporary icons sponsored by the Toronto School of Theology’s Bisexual, Lesbian and Gay Student Alliance.

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