Music Director, job description


Church of the Holy Trinity

10 Trinity Square, Toronto, Ontario M5G 1B1

Persons interested in applying for this position should email a letter of interest and a résumé to no later than 12 noon EST June 18, 2014.

Position Description: Music Director

        (16 hours/week)

Salary commensurate with experience

PURPOSE: To lead the development of the music ministry for all liturgies of the church. To encourage and develop the musical capabilities of the community, and to develop community through the use of Music.


  1. To liaise with the Worship Committee and attend the monthly meetings

  2. To provide music personally or by arranging for guest musicians.

  3. To plan and organize music for services in consultation with Worship Coordinators.

  4. To research new music and collect materials for Advent, Christmas, Lent, Holy Week and Easter.

  5. To lead choral activities and encourage the use of a variety of instruments.

  6. To ensure compliance with copyright law and licenses.

  7. To monitor and administer the Music Budget.

  8. To arrange regular maintenance for the organ and pianos.

  9. To foster the musical abilities of the community.

  10. To provide music for any other worship services that may be developed.

  11. To provide music for weddings and funerals as required

  12. To attend staff meetings and to be a part of the staff team.

  13. To undertake other duties as assigned by the Incumbent and Wardens.

Required Skills and Qualifications

  • Music education/training, e.g., A.R.C.T., BMus, B.F.A., R.C.C.O. Certification.

  • Experience with Church music.

  • Ability to play the pipe organ and piano

  • Competence in choral conducting.

  • Ability to accompany and teach community singing

  • Excellent organizational skills

  • Computer skills

  • Good team building skills

  • Excellent communication skills with the ability to use tact, diplomacy, and sensitivity


  • To the Wardens; Employed by the Church of the Holy Trinity for 16 hours/week

  • To the Incumbent

  • To the Worship Committee


    • Must comply with and sign a confidentiality agreement

    • Successful Police reference check

    • Must be in compliance with the Policy and Procedures of the Church Of The Holy Trinity



Sold out for Silver photos

“Sold out for Silver” was the theme of this year’s Ecumenical
Good Friday Walk for Justice, which started and ended with worship at Holy Trinity. Walkers visited
four stations in the downtown core to note modern-day crucifixions including environmental degradation,
human trafficking, unjust trials of refugee claimants and homelessness.

Photo by Josh Harrower

Gathered at Holy Trinity for an Ecumenical Good Friday service. Photo by Josh Harrower.

More photos available on the event Facebook page.

Created for Community (Homily for Lent 1)

Genesis 2:15-17; 3:1-7    Psalm 32      Romans 5:12-19     Matthew 4:1-11

 Created for Community

 by Sherman Hesselgrave

Human beings were created for relationship—relationship with one another, and relationship with God. When God realized it was not right that Adam should be alone, God set about to create a companion for him—‘companion,’ a word whose roots are in sharing bread together. The stories from Genesis and Matthew that we hear again today are foundational stories for us. The story of Jesus’ temptation in Matthew is Shakespeare’s reference when, in The Merchant of Venice, Antonio says to Bassanio: “The devil can cite scripture for his purpose.” The stories are foundational because they show us how our relationships with God and others can be distorted or corrupted by our everyday human desires.

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The empty tomb with garden

Holy Week and Easter at Holy Trinity

The empty tomb with garden

The empty tomb with garden

Sunday, April 13  PALM SUNDAY  10:30 AM  (English only); Domingo de Ramos 2:00 PM (en español)
Thursday, April 17 MAUNDY THURSDAY 6:00 PM Supper and Maundy Thursday liturgy (with San Esteban Community)
Friday, April 18  GOOD FRIDAY LITURGY 10:30 AM; 2:00 PM Ecumenical Good Friday Walk for Justice.
Saturday, April 19, GREAT VIGIL OF EASTER  8:00 PM (English only)
Sunday, April 20, EASTER DAY SERVICE 10:30 AM (with San Esteban Community)

The flowered cross

The flowered cross

Looking at the North tower through a tiny slit in the south tower.

Fear and Hope with the Fallen Angles

Our band, The Fallen Angles, are playing at the 10:30 service tomorrow morning. The theme is “Fear and Hope”. Lots of music and a mix of ancient and modern texts with no sermon. Hope you’ll come join us.

Holy Trinity is at 19 Trinity Square. Trinity Square is centred between Bay, Dundas, Yonge and Queen. Hidden in the canyon of the Eaton Centre and Marriott Hotel.

The Church of the Holy Trinity is a community of people who seek to express their faith through lives of integrity, justice and compassion. We foster lay leadership, include the doubter and the marginalized, and challenge oppression wherever it may be found.

Justification, Wrath and the Water of Life (Homily for Lent 3, March 23rd)

Bill Whitla’s Homily at Holy Trinity for Lent 3, March 23, 2014

Exodus 17:1-7

Grumbling people quarrelling with Moses

Demanding water to drink in the wilderness

Moses striking the rock so water will come out of it.

Using the same rod with which he smote the Nile. to poison it, now is used for fresh water to save the people of Israel.

People are testing Moses, but fundamentally testing God by asking Is the Lord among us or not?

It’s a good question about whether this testing and quarrelling —or the striking of the rock, becomes the reason that Moses cannot enter into the Promised Land (see Deut. 32: 48–52; see also Deut 20).

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Taking Ashes to the Streets

So today was Ash Wednesday, and we took ashes from the midday service at Holy Trinity, Trinity Square to the streets of downtown Toronto. We’d done it a few years ago–when I had a curate and an intern–and had already decided to do it again this year, when, a couple weeks ago, I received a call from a producer of the CBC radio program Tapestry, who had read about the ashes-to-go that Sara Miles writes about in her new book, City of God. They were going to be interviewing her for the show, and had googled to see who in Toronto might be doing it as well. Long and short, Diane Eros came with her digital recorder to the service today and then joined Deacon Prof. Dr. Alison Kemper and me as we headed out into the cold, but sunny, afternoon. Alison had some intelligence about the early morning ashes-to-go distribution at the Westin Go Station. There were four Anglican clergy there: one in vestments and the others in civvies with stoles. The feedback was that people had trended to the clergy in civvies and stoles, so we, too, conducted an experiment: I, in a black suit and purple stole, and Alison in dalmatic, stole, cappa nigra, and purple toque. No meaningful statistics, though, because, as I observed the last time, when you are walking single file as we were–not in a flank formation–the first person has a sort of John-the-Baptist role, proclaiming “Ashes for Ash Wednesday.” Some of the receptive people we encountered needed the 20 feet past the point person to process the offer and conclude that it was OK to accept the ashes from the second person who was offering them (Alison). A volunteer who had come to the service joined us to hand out a flyer we had developed to accompany the event, inviting people to join us for the whole of Lent.

The Tapestry program will air this Sunday (March 9th) at 2:00 PM on CBC One in Toronto. It will also be able to be podcast.

— Sherman Hesselgrave

Ash Wednesday and Lenten Community Nights at Holy Trinity

Ash Wednesday Services 

There will be two Ash Wednesday liturgies on March 5th: 12:15 PM and 7:00 PM

The evening service is preceded by a light supper of Lentil Soup and Salad beginning at 6:00 PM (donation invited)

Wednesday Community Nights in Lent

Beginning the following week, March 12th, and continuing until the 9th of April, there will be a simple supper, beginning at 6:00 PM,  followed by a video and discussion using the Living the Questions series.The evening will conclude between 8:00 and 8:30.  There will be signup sheets in church for each week or you can email Sherman: shesselgrave at

There will be a parallel program for children, if needed. Please email Beth Baskin: bbaskin at if you will be bringing children. Suppers will be prepared by members of the community and a donation will be invited. If you would like to help with the suppers contact Sherman.

loving justice in the heart of the city