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Seeking flexible adminstrative staff person for 16 hours a week

Administrative Assistant and Volunteer Coordinator

The Administrative Assistant & Volunteer Coordinator will provide support to the Parish Administrator and the Incumbent (parish priest) as directed, and be responsible for the recruitment & training of volunteers, working 16 hours per week.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Preparation of service bulletins for weekly service, for seasonal services, e.g. Holy Week, funerals, other services as the need may arise
  • Be responsible for carrying out all communications on church website and social media in compliance with parish communications policy; production of an electronic newsletter, annual reports and print communications
  • Complete applications to City (park permits, event applications) as required
  • Maintain customer relations database, and parish list
  • Act as donations secretary
  • Function as the parish Responsible Ministry officer, know and implement diocesan sexual misconduct policy, carry out training sessions, track staff and volunteer compliance
  • Recruit, train, and support volunteers for various church activities

Required Skills:

  • Experienced in use of common office and customer relations management software, WordPress and social media
  • Fluent in spoken and written English
  • Able to work within a staff team, and able to adapt quickly to changing needs and priorities
  • Familiarity with church office/not-for-profit environments an asset

Terms and Conditions
This is a permanent position with a three-month probationary period
Compensation: $17-$20/hour, dependent upon experience, health benefits, pension
A satisfactory criminal record check is required for this position

All activities associated with this position must be carried out in a manner consistent with the Parish Mission Statement, Goals and Objectives. All diocesan and parish policies and practices must be known and adhered to including the Sexual Misconduct and Screening Policies of the Anglican Diocese of Toronto.

Please send cover letter explaining your suitability for and interest in the position and resume to by February 6.

New door hooks

Ever wondered what keeps our doors open?

We recently received new hooks forged by a son of the parish, Constable Joel Houston.  Did we mention that Constable Houston is part of the mounted unit for the Toronto Police Service? Deluxe delivery service as well as manufacturing the hooks.

Have a look at the process from horseshoe to door below:

horseshoe before it becomes hook



hook being forged


Joel Houston at the forge












Constable Joel Houston hands over new hooks








Constable Joel Houston hands over hooks to Margot Linken, administrator and Ryan Poole, caretaker installs them.

Ryan installs new hook




new hook


Canada’s record on housing criticized by UN committee

A group of community leaders and housing activists presented the latest UN report on Canada’s failure to address urgent housing needs at the finance minister’s constituency office yesterday.

“For some time, Canada’s international reputation has been in serious decline and we’ve really gone from being a beacon of human rights globally to a country whose reputation is very much in question,” said University of Toronto senior researcher Emily Paradis, who presented Canada’s record on housing to the UN committee in 2006. “I would certainly hope that this review offers an opportunity for Canada to redeem itself if our new government is serious about its international human rights obligations.”

Seeking Stability… a construction story

The image above was caught by Jim Houston one sunny afternoon. It is our southwest stained glass window projected onto the construction hoarding.

Here now is your update on the North West Tower Rehabilitation


So how is the construction project going?

Very well once we had had the unsuspected asbestos removed, which was lurking under the floor boards. It cost approximately $6,000 to remove the wrapping from a 12 foot length of pipe.

Will the Tower go back into its original position?

No, but it will stop it leaning any further. Another Leaning Tower of Pisa might sound interesting as a tourist attraction for our Church but definitely not a good idea!!

Clifford Construction have had to do a lot of preparation to get to this point. Carmen Lupo, the “go to guy”(see photo) on site and his crew carefully dug, with a hydrovac and by hand, down to the Church foundations, digging under the huge 1847 sCarmen outsidetones. At strategic points where the helical piles have been placed a big square has been dug. So Friday 29th January the #1 helical piles were surrounded by an iron cage of criss-crossed iron bars.(see photo) Once in position they carefully poured the concrete to fill the iron skeleton and the ditch connecting the inside and outside under the foundation wall, vibrating the concrete to get the rebar in position and ensure even distribution of the concrete.(see photo)  All during the process the representativerebar cage with yellow cord from R.J.C. Consulting Engineers was doing the quality control.

The engineers had specified the percentage of each of the concrete’s constituents. An independent contractor will  test each batch for water content and strength. Terraprobe the “tester” took 4 cylinders of concrete (see photo) 1 to be tested at 24 hours, 1 at 7days and 2 at filled tubes28 days. So this was the first set of 3 helical piles to be completed, now there are all the others. It is a slow meticulous process to make sure everything is completed to the engineer’s specifications and that the construction crew are working under safe conditions.


I hesitate to tempt fate but Clifford Construction and the RJC Consulting Engineers hope to have the inside work finished by the end of February and the outside about the middle of March, if everything goes smoothly.  The outside cracks will be caulked but the finishing mortar will not be done until the Spring as it is too cold to ensure a good colour match.

Site meetings with all the participants, are held every 2 weeks so if there any more questions, please don’t hesitate to ask

By Jean Robinson (“Clerk of the Works”)


Jim Houston caught this image on the hoarding one sunny afternoon.  Stained glass on hoarding

Thanksgiving Feast this Sunday

heirloom-tomato-web“We learn from our gardens to deal with the most urgent question of the time: How much is enough?” Wendell Berry

Come and share a Thanksgiving Feast with us at Holy Trinity, after the 10:30 Eucharist on Sunday, October 11, 2015.  Bring some food to share if you can, or just bring yourself,  and help us return blessing for the bounty of creation with a shared community meal.  Helpers to serve and clean up are most welcome!

Commission on the Marriage Canon recommends expanding the definition of marriage


In 2013 the General Synod passed a resolution directing the drafting of a motion “to change Canon XXI on marriage to allow the marriage of same-sex couples in the same way as opposite-sex couples, and that this motion should include a conscience clause so that no member of the clergy, bishop, congregation or diocese should be constrained to participate in or authorize such marriages against the dictates of their conscience.” Such a motion will be considered by the 2016 General Synod.

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