Fallen Angles

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Kevin Bezanson,
Marty Crowder,
Jennifer Henry,
Keith Nunn,
Sarah Sackville-McLaughlin,
Michael Shapcott,
Rachel Warden


Jim Dolmage,
Ron Panter

We’re a pick-up band of Holy Trinity members, formed to lead our worship music from time to time. We try to keep things fun and lively. Currently, we play approximately once a month at 10:30am on a Sunday. We’re open to new players if you wish to join us.

The musical backgrounds of the members are varied and so is the material we tackle. For more information, drop us a line via the contact form on this site.

Yes, it really is Angles, not Angels. It’s a bit of a joke on the frequent misspelling of angels and also on the root of the word Anglican.

past services and events

  1. Unsettling the Settler – Service & Parish Picnic June 21 11:00 AM – the picnic is on Jun 15, 2015 - the picnic is on! Service & Picnic on Sunday, June 21, 2015 @ 11:00 AM in Area 26 in High Park (directions below) NO SERVICE AT THE CHURCH (open for drop in breakfast 8 to 9 AM) Join us at High Park and invite others! We will bring our hearing assist devices to connect to … Continue reading Unsettling the Settler – Service & Parish Picnic June 21 11:00 AM – the picnic is on
  2. May 24, Worship: The Spirit’s Fire – Decolonizing Our Hearts May 10, 2015 - Once a month our worship service is led by our local band, Fallen Angles, in a pop vein. The service is always thematic and uses contemporary music, both popular and liturgical. We strive for an integrated experience that affects everyone who comes. This month our theme is “The Spirit’s Fire – Decolonizing Our Hearts”. We’ll … Continue reading May 24, Worship: The Spirit’s Fire – Decolonizing Our Hearts
  3. Disrupting Empire – service text Mar 29, 2015 - PDF: HT bulletin Mar 29 Palm Sunday 4 While empire in Jesus’ time consisted of distinct forms of oppression including military occupation, violence, unjust taxation, and slavery, … we have to look deeper and wider to put a recognizable face on empire. … As stated in To Seek Justice and Resist Evil, contemporary “empire is … Continue reading Disrupting Empire – service text
  4. Palm Sunday – Disrupting Empire Mar 13, 2015 - The story of Palm Sunday is a story of theatrical resistance: a usurping of entrenched authority...
  5. O, O Freedom… Feb 24, 2015 - Thanks to everyone who helped and who came to this service. It’s the most grand vision the Fallen Angles have put forward to date. It was powerful and opened eyes. If you didn’t make it, you can hear three of the songs and the eucharistic prayer on Soundcloud. The full text for the curious is … Continue reading O, O Freedom…
  6. O Freedom Feb 16, 2015 - download and print a flyer
  7. Solidarity – Fallen Angles Nov 23 Nov 5, 2014 - This month our theme is Solidarity. We'll be singing songs and hearing words of hope and protest. Join us and be moved to action.
  8. Sun Oct 26 – Death and Loss with Fallen Angles Oct 10, 2014 - This month our theme is death and loss as we approach all hallows and all saints. We will be featuring the music of Carrie Newcomer, Grievous Angels, Marty Haugen, Stephen Foster, Bobby McFerrin. There will also be contemporary readings and time to reflect on the losses in our lives.
  9. Picnic Church – Sun Jun 22 Jun 4, 2014 - For the fourth year in a row, we will worship in High Park on Sunday June 22. Once again, the music for the service will be provided by our own Fallen Angles. After the service, we will share a pot-luck lunch and have various picnic games. We will be joined by San Esteban and St. … Continue reading Picnic Church – Sun Jun 22
  10. Confirmation Service for Alec, Liam, Sam, Simon Apr 28, 2014 - Our 10:30am worship service on June 1st will be focussed on the confirmation of some of our younger members. Archbishop Terry Finlay will be present to perform the confirmation. The music will be provided by our band of Fallen Angles. They have a special surprise planned. There will be a cake and reception after the … Continue reading Confirmation Service for Alec, Liam, Sam, Simon


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