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Ash Wednesday: Lent begins on March 1st

The parish pyro-technician burns the palms from last Palm Sunday to create the ashes for this Ash Wednesday, which in 2017 falls on March 1st. There will be two services that day, one at 12:15 and one at 7:00 PM.

During the Season of Lent, we will be weaving the theme of journeying into right relations with the indigenous heritages with our Sunday worship experience.

Come and journey with us from Ashes to Easter.

A long night of work…

Peter Haresnape’s Homily for Easter 3

After the torchlight red on sweaty faces
After the frosty silence in the gardens
After the agony in stony places
The shouting and the crying
Prison and palace and reverberation
Of thunder of spring over distant mountains
He who was now living is now dead
We who were living are now dying
With a little patience

[— T. S. Eliot, “The Wasteland“]

After the busyness and disruption of Easter, we get back to work, the children go back to school, and Simon Peter gets together with his friends and goes fishing.

A long night of work, and nothing to show for it, but then, through the sudden provision of great abundance, they recognise the Lord in the mysterious, almost unrecognizable form waiting by the shore. Continue reading A long night of work…

Holy Week at Holy Trinity

You are invited to join us for the whole Easter Story or just what speaks to your soul.


  • Sunday, March 20 10:30 AM Palm Sunday Service with the procession of Palms – separate program for youth and children
  • Thursday,  March 24 6:00 PM Maundy Thursday with service, supper that involves youth, children, and the San Esteban (Spanish speaking) community. A family sleepover follows
  • Friday, March 25 10:30 AM Solemn Good Friday Liturgy with Choral Music.  Program provided for young people.
  • Friday, March 25 2:00 PM Ecumenical Good Friday Walk for Justice theme this year is “I thirst…” This year the walk will begin at Lake Ontario and proceed up Bay Street to Holy Trinity.  Details on the EGFW  website
  • Saturday, March 26 8:00 PM The Great Vigil of Easter This service includes Biblical readings, the lighting of the Paschal Fire and a service of light, remembering our baptismal vows, and the First Eucharist of Easter. Young people and families are active in the leadership of the service.
  • Sunday, March 27 10:30 AM Easter Eucharist with an all ages present. We will flower the cross and share the Eucharist followed by a celebratory lunch and Easter Egg Hunt. We will use both English and Spanish in this service.

Long standing member and activist Don Heap remembered

Don, known to the general public as Dan, and Alice were a major force in this city, country, and Holy Trinity for a very long time. We lost Alice two years ago, and yesterday, we honoured Don.

Their son David announced his passing on Facebook thus:

Daniel James Macdonnell Heap (aka “Don” or “Dan”, depending on when & how you knew him; also “dad”). September 24, 1925 – April 26, 2014. Pacifist, socialist, worker-priest, Marxist Anglican, trade-unionist, city councillor, member of parliament, civilly disobedient marcher for human rights. Wearer of red shirts, cyclist, paddler of canoes, singer of songs. Advocate for the homeless, for refugees and for peace (among many other causes). Loving comrade in faith and solidarity of Alice Mildred née Boomhour. ((Great) grand) father of a whole bunch. ¡Presente!”

He was a part of the worker-priest tradition and lived his faith wherever he found himself. Another son, Danny, told the Star on Saturday, “We knew him as an industrial worker who was absolutely committed to figuring out how the working class could find their rightful place in history. You couldn’t untangle the Christianity piece from the socialist piece.” Continue reading Long standing member and activist Don Heap remembered

Sold out for Silver photos

“Sold out for Silver” was the theme of this year’s Ecumenical
Good Friday Walk for Justice, which started and ended with worship at Holy Trinity. Walkers visited
four stations in the downtown core to note modern-day crucifixions including environmental degradation,
human trafficking, unjust trials of refugee claimants and homelessness.

Photo by Josh Harrower
Gathered at Holy Trinity for an Ecumenical Good Friday service. Photo by Josh Harrower.

More photos available on the event Facebook page.

Easter service photos 2014

Holy Week and Easter at Holy Trinity

The empty tomb with garden
The empty tomb with garden

Sunday, April 13  PALM SUNDAY  10:30 AM  (English only); Domingo de Ramos 2:00 PM (en español)
Thursday, April 17 MAUNDY THURSDAY 6:00 PM Supper and Maundy Thursday liturgy (with San Esteban Community)
Friday, April 18  GOOD FRIDAY LITURGY 10:30 AM; 2:00 PM Ecumenical Good Friday Walk for Justice.
Saturday, April 19, GREAT VIGIL OF EASTER  8:00 PM (English only)
Sunday, April 20, EASTER DAY SERVICE 10:30 AM (with San Esteban Community)

The flowered cross
The flowered cross

Holy Week and Easter at Holy Trinity

flowered cross at HT


Sunday, March 24 10:30 AM Palm Sunday Service with children’s program
Thursday, March 28 6:00 PM supper & service with children involved
Friday, March 29 10:30 AM service with children’s program
2:00 PM Ecumenical Good Friday Walk http://www.goodfridaywalk.ca/
Saturday, March 30 8:00 PM Great Vigil of Easter Service
Sunday, March 31 10:30 AM Easter Day Service with children participating
Holy Week services are bilingual – led by members & clergy of San Esteban & Holy Trinity

Caring in moments of fear

Take a journey with me back to Maundy Thursday, to that upper room.

All the pictures we see and many of the stories we tell have twelve men at table with Jesus sharing that Last Supper. Probably there were many more than twelve in that room. We know that Jesus had many followers and several of the gospel stories tell of the women who were close to him and travelled with him.

Remember then, that Salome and the two Marys experienced the sadness of Jesus saying “this is my body & this is my blood”, the pain of Judas betrayal in the garden, the agony of Jesus death on the cross. They have been through it all over the past four days

They stood at the foot of that cross until his body was taken down and wrapped and taken away. They wept in agony that their beloved was gone.

They now come, now to care for Jesus. There had not been time on Friday to prepare his body for burial. They come as many people come with caring on their minds and in their hearts and the tools in their hands. They come bearing spices.

As they walk, they talk. They want to offer their caring to Jesus one more time, but there is a big barrier, a large stone and they do not think that they will be able to roll it away.

They arrive and the stone is gone. They look in and there is a stranger and no body. He gives them a message and they leave paralysed by fear. Their caring actions are foiled.

The Good News is that stone is rolled away! Jesus is not here! He has gone ahead to Galilee!

The Good News for us is that “there are cracks in the everything, that’s how the light gets in”. (Leonard Cohen – Anthem)

The women carried on a vigil of caring over those four days and they call us into this vigil of caring with them. We are not to be discouraged by large boulders in our way, by definitive medical diagnoses, by corporate agendas, by bullying people, by devastating wars, by persistent poverty, by a lack of resources.

You and I are called into a renewed, revitalized mission of caring for the other. The stone has been rolled away. Jesus has been called to a new life and so have you had I.

Let us go away this Easter aware of the places in our world where the light is sneaking in through the cracks, where the door is partially open, where others have entered in.

Let us join the people of Occupy. Let us join Doctors for Fair Taxation. Let us join The Sanctuary Coalition. Let us continue to challenge a world that judges us by physical ability, by who we love, by the colour of our skin, by our country of origin, by our financial resources.

Let us remember that each of us knows how to care and knows where we are needed. Whether it is standing up to a bully at school, speaking up in court, driving a newly arrived refugee to appointments, taking food to places it is needed. We know how and where to care.

On this day of resurrection may we too be resurrected. May we be flooded with new life and courage.

In the face of fear Salome and the two Marys told the story of that morning.

In the face of all that keeps us scared, in the face of all that keeps us safe, and in the face of all that keeps us doing what is expected of us by society, I invite us to step beyond the norm.

I invite us to care in a way that will change the world! Christ is Risen! Alleluia!