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Lenten Newsletter complete with service schedule

Here is the Holy Trinity Newsletter (Yes, this is a link)
This is something we hope to do on a regular basis, with the next one planned just before Easter. As you experience life at Holy Trinity please take pictures, write stories, etc. to share with all of us. If you do not make it to Holy Trinity in person, but have news or reflections to share you are welcome to do so as well. All submissions should be sent tobbaskin@holytrinitytoronto.org by March 18th.
Thanks for helping us improve communications amongst our community!

Pilgrimage looks at Anglican responses to homelessness

The pilgrimage began early in the morning at Holy Trinity Anglican Church, where churchwarden Michael Shapcott, who has been involved in housing advocacy in Toronto for many years, provided some historical context for the drastic decrease in social housing since the mid-1980s.

Bonnie Briggs, founder of the Toronto Homeless Memorial, then shared some of her own experiences as a homeless person on the streets of Toronto. “I first became homeless in 1987,” she said. “The landlord of the place we were living at sold the house. We were told that the new owner wanted the whole house for himself. Three months later we were on the street.”

Read story at Anglican Journal

November 12 at noon – Homeless Memorial on south side of Holy Trinity Church

Sherman Hesselgrave and Bonnie Briggs

We continue this monthly remembrance of those who have died recently and those who died years ago. We remember those whose names were known and those whose names were unknown.

We  remember their lives and all they offered and we look for ways to house more people and offer dignity to those without homes.

Join us to listen, to share, to remember… Followed by a light lunch

Want to know and understand a bit more about poverty, check this out http://www.youtube.com/watch?list=UUL2DrTVEYq76RvTcqqw-0bw&v=GHfD9au5Nok