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Come & See Pilgrimage

On November 22, we will be visiting together 5 local places that are responding to homelessness/housing needs in their neighbourhoods. Thiscomeandsee2014 could be good for parishes looking for inspiration/direction regarding outreach initiatives, for individuals wanting to get involved in local outreach, or for people just interested in learning more about housing and homelessness in Toronto. We will have mutliple leaders from each congregation present (people with lived experience, priests, coordinators, etc.) and will journey by bus through the city, from 8am-3:30pm that day.

The costs are all covered by the Anglican National Church office, lunch and transit are included. But registration is needed!

Come and See – NOV 22 Poster


Solidarity – Fallen Angles Nov 23

Once a month our worship service is led by our local band Fallen Angles in a pop vein. The service is always thematic and uses contemporary music, both popular and liturgical. We strive for an integrated experience that affects everyone who comes.

This month our theme is Solidarity. We’ll be singing songs and hearing words of hope and protest. Join us and be moved to action.

Fallen Angles, Sep 2014


Annual Used Book Sale, June 19 & 20

Our annual book sale will take place on Thursday, June 19

Book sale, june 19 & 20
Book sale, June 19 & 20 benefits the work of the Refugee Committee

and Friday, June 20, 9 am to 5 pm.  The sale will take place outside the church, at the south entrance.

We are now actively seeking donations of books.  Please, no text books–they simply do not move.

Please bring your books to the church, or, if you need a pick-up, please, call the church office, 416-598-4521 ext 222, to arrange that.

All the proceeds from the sale will benefit the work of the Refugee Committee which is getting ready to welcome a new family to a new life in Canada.


Long standing member and activist Don Heap remembered

Don, known to the general public as Dan, and Alice were a major force in this city, country, and Holy Trinity for a very long time. We lost Alice two years ago, and yesterday, we honoured Don.

Their son David announced his passing on Facebook thus:

Daniel James Macdonnell Heap (aka “Don” or “Dan”, depending on when & how you knew him; also “dad”). September 24, 1925 – April 26, 2014. Pacifist, socialist, worker-priest, Marxist Anglican, trade-unionist, city councillor, member of parliament, civilly disobedient marcher for human rights. Wearer of red shirts, cyclist, paddler of canoes, singer of songs. Advocate for the homeless, for refugees and for peace (among many other causes). Loving comrade in faith and solidarity of Alice Mildred née Boomhour. ((Great) grand) father of a whole bunch. ¡Presente!”

He was a part of the worker-priest tradition and lived his faith wherever he found himself. Another son, Danny, told the Star on Saturday, “We knew him as an industrial worker who was absolutely committed to figuring out how the working class could find their rightful place in history. You couldn’t untangle the Christianity piece from the socialist piece.” Continue reading


Sold out for Silver photos

“Sold out for Silver” was the theme of this year’s Ecumenical
Good Friday Walk for Justice, which started and ended with worship at Holy Trinity. Walkers visited
four stations in the downtown core to note modern-day crucifixions including environmental degradation,
human trafficking, unjust trials of refugee claimants and homelessness.

Photo by Josh Harrower
Gathered at Holy Trinity for an Ecumenical Good Friday service. Photo by Josh Harrower.

More photos available on the event Facebook page.

The empty tomb with garden

Holy Week and Easter at Holy Trinity

The empty tomb with garden
The empty tomb with garden

Sunday, April 13  PALM SUNDAY  10:30 AM  (English only); Domingo de Ramos 2:00 PM (en español)
Thursday, April 17 MAUNDY THURSDAY 6:00 PM Supper and Maundy Thursday liturgy (with San Esteban Community)
Friday, April 18  GOOD FRIDAY LITURGY 10:30 AM; 2:00 PM Ecumenical Good Friday Walk for Justice.
Saturday, April 19, GREAT VIGIL OF EASTER  8:00 PM (English only)
Sunday, April 20, EASTER DAY SERVICE 10:30 AM (with San Esteban Community)

The flowered cross
The flowered cross

November 12 at noon – Homeless Memorial on south side of Holy Trinity Church

Sherman Hesselgrave and Bonnie Briggs

We continue this monthly remembrance of those who have died recently and those who died years ago. We remember those whose names were known and those whose names were unknown.

We  remember their lives and all they offered and we look for ways to house more people and offer dignity to those without homes.

Join us to listen, to share, to remember… Followed by a light lunch

Want to know and understand a bit more about poverty, check this out http://www.youtube.com/watch?list=UUL2DrTVEYq76RvTcqqw-0bw&v=GHfD9au5Nok

OASIS – Stories for such a time as this…



Fountain Square photo

Do you seek the company of justice-minded people? Would you like to sing, reflect and chat with these people? “Stories for Such a Time as This” is part of the Oasis Series in the Heart of the City – services  of music and prayer to nourish the justice seeking soul. This month our worship will be led by Christian Peacemaker Teams www.cpt.org  with music provided by a guest guitarist and our Holy Trinity  Music Director, John Terauds. Worship is followed by a simple meal for which a donation of $5 will be gladly accepted. We hope you can join us this month or on November 29 when we will gather again  with worship and food to reflect on Advent: the season of waiting in the midst of a culture of doing and buying.


“Money Can’t Pay For A Life”

I would like especially to call your attention to Canada’s History Magazine – athttp://www.canadashistory.ca/Magazine/Online-Extension/Articles/Orillia-Asylum.aspx
All in one place, this includes:
  • information about an article on HRC which will appear in their latest edition (on newstands today or tomorrow, I expect). Heartbreak in Huronia was written by Heather Robertson
  • a fabulous photo of HRC class action lead plaintiffs Marie Slark and Pat Seth, which can be downloaded
  • a link to very thorough CBC National TV News about the HRC settlement. There are several very strong survivor voices to be heard here. (I think this is the best TV news coverage I have seen yet)
  • a link to the settlement agreement
  • a link to a video tour of the institution as it looked at some time since it was closed just 4 years ago. You can see how neglected the building is (and how lax the security)
  • a link to Opening Ontario’s “Saddest Chapter:” A Social History of Huronia Regional Centre – a current article in the Canadian Journal of Disability Studies, by Dr. Kate Rossiter, Assistant Professor of Health Studies and Annalise Clarkson, Masters Student, Social Justice and Community Engagement  at Wilfrid Laurier University, Brantford, Ontario
CBC Radio Metro Morning interviewed class member Michael Callahan and I yesterday -http://www.cbc.ca/metromorning/episodes/2013/09/18/money-cant-pay-for-a-life/
(I think Michael provides one of the most succinct and yet extremely poignant accounts of life in HRC that I have ever heard. It was an honour for me to follow him.)
This was similar to a CBC Radio Ontario Morning interview today, heard across Ontario – http://www.cbc.ca/ontariomorning/episodes/2013/09/19/huronia-regional-centres-tragic-past/
I insisted that they start with tape from Michael but they shortened his piece.
Sun TV interviewed Pat Seth yesterday. This segment begins with a challenge to Premier Wynne – to face her responsibility to survivors – http://en.video.canoe.tv/archive/source/kenora-daily-miner-and-news/huronia-regional-centre-settlement/2680911282001
 CTV’s Canada A.M. interviewed lead plaintiff Marie Slark and lawyer Celeste yesterday – see http://video.theloop.ca/news/watch/settlement-a-major-victory/2679807467001?sort=date&page=1
The news has been carried by many other media outlets. We’d like to hear about those you have seen.
Each has its own introduction – and the differences among them are interesting.
This was the front page story in the Toronto Star yesterday – and well worth finding in hard copy. Reporters took particular interest in the institution cemetery – and continue to track down the story about unmarked graves.
Urgent: Star Reporter Tim Alamenciak would like to speak to anyone who has family buried in that cemetery, in any of the 1440 unmarked graves (whose death would have occured prior to 1958).
Please contact him asap  via talamenciak@thestar.ca if you have any information.
Barrie’s CTV station filmed at the institution yesterday and followed up with class member Harold Dougall and former staff member Pam Carter – see http://barrie.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=1006547
This shows details of the institution cemetery and how it looks now.
We have just learned that the Motion for Settlement Approval in court will be heard on Tuesday December 3, 2013 for one day. Koskie Minsky says: “At that hearing the court will determine if the settlement reached between the parties is fair, reasonable and in the best interests of the class.  The claims process will not begin until after the court approves the settlement.”
Please share this update widely.
Worth repeating:
“History despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again.” (Maya Angelou)
from Marilyn Dolmage

January 25 6pm Oasis Service

Fountain Square photoSings My Soul! Join Jan Plecash and Allison Piercey as they provide musical leadership for an hour of community singing and reflection. Oasis services of music and reflection  take place on the last Friday of the month and provide a space to noursish the justice-seeking soul. The service will be followed by a light supper and opportunity to visit. Mark your calendars for the next service on February 22!

You can find these services in the Church of the Holy Trinity next to the Eaton Centre just south of Dundas between Yonge and Bay streets. Come find a quiet centre in the heart of the city!