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Music Mondays Season Opens May 4

Music Mondays presents another fabulous season of lunchtime music ichurch-of-the-holy-trinity-modernn the heart of downtown at Church of the Holy Trinity. Every Monday bring your lunch and listen to different artists and musical pieces.

Concerts start promptly at 12:15 beginning May 4 and running until August 31. Admission is Pay What You Can with $5 as a suggested minimum donation. You can read the introduction to this season and see the full seasons concerts on their website

May 4 features Emily Kruspe on violin and Jeanie Chung on piano.

They also have lots of recordings from previous years to whet your appetite for a fabulous season!

May 10 3 PM – ECHO Women’s Choir Spring concert

Echo Women’s Choir, Spring Concert, ‘My Mother is the Ocean Sea’ 

Sunday, May 10, 3pm at the Church of the Holy Trinity, 10 Trinity Square, (beside the Eaton Centre, wheelchair accessible)

with Special Guests Marichka Kudriavtseva and Mark Marczyk.

Tickets: $15. Advanced, $20. at Door, $10. Seniors, Children & Under waged

For more information email: info.echo@gmail.com 

visit our website: www.echowomenschoir.ca


May 30 & 31 Cantemus Singers Concerts

Please join us as we present “Nymphs & Shepherds”, our salute to the madrigal rage that swept England for the last decade of Elizabeth’s reign and beyond. All of this frivolity will be balanced by a few more sober compositions including William Byrd’s jewel, the Mass for Five Voices.

As usual our concert will be presented twice at the historic Church of the Holy Trinity, Eaton Centre – on Saturday May 30th at 7:30 p.m. and on Sunday May 31st at 3 p.m. For directions to the church, please consult our website www.cantemus.ca

Program for May 30 & 31, 2015

Organ: Pavane & Galliard                        Thomas Morley (ca. 1557-1602)

Sing Loud Ye Nymphs                                        John Bennet  (1570 – 1615)

Come away sweet love                               Thomas Greaves (1570-1604)

And Think ye nymphs                                 William Byrd  (ca. 1540 – 1623)

Come follow me, fair nymphs         Thomas Bateson  (ca. 1570 – 1630)

Wherefore sit I complaining                     Peter Philips (ca. 1560 – 1628)

Hard by a crystal fountain                      Thomas Morley (ca. 1557-1602)

Amyntas with his Phyllis fair         Francis Pilkington (ca. 1565 – 1638)

Come, sable night                                                         John Ward (1571–1638)

Ah Cruel Amaryllis                                                    John Wilbye (1574-1638)

Come away sweet love                                 John Dowland  (1563-1626)

Merrily my love and I                        Thomas Bateson (ca. 1570 – 1630)


Organ: Fantasia in C                                     William Byrd  (ca. 1540 – 1623)

Libera Nos, Salva Nos                           John Sheppard (ca. 1515 – 1558)

Magnificat (Second Service)                Thomas Tomkins (1572 -1656)

Mass for 5  Voices                                           William Byrd (ca. 1540 – 1623)

Kyrie – Gloria – Credo – Sanctus/Benedictus – Agnus Dei

Cantemus Concert 2015

Disrupting Empire – service text

PDF: HT bulletin Mar 29 Palm Sunday 4

While empire in Jesus’ time consisted of distinct forms of oppression including military occupation, violence, unjust taxation, and slavery, … we have to look deeper and wider to put a recognizable face on empire. … As stated in To Seek Justice and Resist Evil, contemporary “empire is not dominated by any single state but by a network of powerful economic interests held together by the ideology of neoliberalism,” and furthermore, is a system in which most of us play some role, wittingly or unwittingly.
Living Faithfully in the Midst of Empire, United Church of Canada, 2006

Territorial Acknowledgement

We acknowledge that we gather upon the traditional territories of the Mississauga Anishaabeg, Haudenosaunee and Wendat Indigenous Peoples, the original nations of this land, who continue to cry out for justice.

prelude – Entry of the Kings

Opening – Prepare ye the way of the lord

Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem was not a simple act of obedience to God, following some preordained path to destruction and ancient prophesy. It was a radical challenge to an Empire that could not be physically resisted. It was a powerful act of political theatre and call to revolutionary change that still reverberates today. Unfortunately, empire continues to dominate our lives.
Let us prepare ourselves to join Christ’s parade into Jerusalem by first asking each other for forgiveness. Continue reading Disrupting Empire – service text

Palm Sunday – Disrupting Empire

fist-palm3The story of Palm Sunday is a story of theatrical resistance: a usurping of entrenched authority. The procession into Jerusalem parodied the imperial triumphus of the roman occupiers and even that of earlier Jewish kings. Christ’s entry into Jerusalem claimed the imagery of power and turned it on its head–a donkey, not a war horse; children, beggars, parents and labourers, not an army and priests.  His entry proclaimed not imperial power, but a new realm of peace: a place where what matters are not the powers, but the people and the land itself.

Join Fallen Angles and the whole community of Holy Trinity as we consider Christ’s disruptive power in the face of empire, both then and now, in story, movement and song.

March 29 at 10:30am

Panter’s Pub

pp3_springPanter‘s Pub*
Fri, Mar 27, 2015
7:30pm to 11:30 or so
free, but donations appreciated (to cover costs)

A private musical pub night for members (of Holy Trinity) and guests only in the old chapel. We’ll gather and listen to live music and sing some great songs together, talk, dance and share libations and maybe hatch some plans.
Who: Feel free to invite/bring friends, but we will not be publicly advertising this because it would cease to be a private event held in a private space and we would then need to get an official liquor license.
RSVP would be very helpful in planning.

Food and Drink:
Pot luck munchies and BYOB.
Entertainment: Various musical friends and I will be providing an anchor through the night. If you want to get up on stage at some point, get in touch with me by Feb 22 and we’ll figure something out.

If you are interested in performing (music, poems, reading), then please make careful selections to fit in 15 minutes and please rehearse as best you can. My hope is that this can be a good sharing of art and time together, but I want to resist randomly standing up to do unprepared work. Check with me around your set-up needs to see if you need to come early to set up.

How to help: If you want to help make this a successful event, we could could use a few things to decorate the space and improve the pub atmosphere:

  • 5-6 card tables (if anyone sees these available for cheap or free at a garage sale or on Kijiji or something, that would be great.
  • 3-4 padded bar stools. Again, cheap or free from somewhere would be great
  • aimable floodlight bases. These are often used to light signs or thing like that. We could use a few to provide stage lighting to help create a nice atmosphere
  • white garden lights (or patio lanterns). We’d like to keep the room lights off and create a nice low-light atmosphere conducive to a pub feeling.
Schedule: I see opening the doors at 7:30pm and the first performance starting at 8pm something like this:
8:00pm – first slot
8:15pm – second slot
8:30pm – third slot
8:45pm – recorded music and conversation
9:00pm – fourth slot

9:15pm – fifth slot

9:30pm – sixth slot
9:45pm – seventh slot
10:00pm – recorded music for dancing and conversation

11:30pm – cleanup

* Ron Panter was a long time member of Holy Trinity, an artist and musician. He worked hard on rejuvenating the space we’re having the party in and was one of the folks I have played with over the years.